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Not all the business we currently have for sale are listed below as due to confidentiality issues some of our businesses are marketed in other ways. Feel free to call us to find out what other companies we are representing and also to discuss what you are looking for.

Design Services company - Priced at $1,300,000

Annual revenues: $1.8 M.  Owner's income: $442,000

The company provides design services to the luxury segment of the home renovation market by offering high-end products and custom millwork. They deal directly with the general public and also collaborate with architects, designers and developers to create beautifully designed homes. The company represents some of the best luxury brands in the world and has been working with some of these companies for over 20 years and is the exclusive distributor for the Provinces of BC and Alberta and also the State of Washington.  

The company offers custom high-end products including complete custom millwork (for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, dining rooms, living rooms), interior and exterior furniture, interior doors (glass and wood), and also lights & accessories. The company mainly uses a new generation of finishes such as porcelain, glass and aluminum. They also provide finishes (for interior elements, wall panelling and doors) from solid wood or veneered in a variety of different wood species. The large majority of work is focused on kitchen cabinets and countertops (responsible for 70% of revenues last year).

Manufacture and installation of gaskets for commercial kitchens - Priced at $230,000

Annual revenues: $223,000.  Owner's income: $93,000

The company is one of the largest manufacturers/installers of commercial refrigerator gaskets for restaurants, commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry in Metro Vancouver.  The business is based on an essential service needed by everyone in the food industry and caters only to commercial clients. Clients include chain restaurants, chain hotels and institutions (such as: Milestones, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, SUBWAY, The Boathouse Restaurants, A&W, The Keg).  In the last three years the business has worked for over 400 separate accounts and some of these accounts have been customers of the company since the year the business started in 2012.  75% of its current customers have been with the company for more than three years. 

The business provides high-quality service and is a stable business with consistent revenues and profitability and has a good reputation among its clients for professional, dependable service.  The acquisition of this business is an opportunity to benefit from an established client base.  The current owner works approximately 20 hours per week scheduling staff and talking to clients.

Cleaning company - Priced at $275,000

Annual revenues: $475,000.  Owner's income: $125,000 

A commercial cleaning business that provides a full range of cleaning services for residential strata organizations and commercial customers.  The company provides janitorial and other related services such as pressure washing, window washing, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard floor services such as stripping, waxing and buffing.  The business operates in downtown Vancouver and 75% of its customers are within a five-kilometre area. The business has over 20 separate accounts and provides customized programs that are tailored to each facilities requirement.  The company has a highly regarded presence in the region and has a good reputation among its clients for professional, dependable service.  The acquisition of this business is an opportunity to benefit from an established client base, with a dedicated and loyal workforce in place and proven systems that the company has developed. 

The current owner works approximately 25 hours per week scheduling staff and talking to clients.  He believes that the opportunities for further growth are very strong as there is no shortage of potential customers in need of cleaning services due to the continued development of new towers and condos in the Vancouver area. 

Wholesaler and retailer of Equestrian Products - Priced at $1,200,000

Annual revenue: $1.4 M.  Owner's income: $371,000

Wholesaler and retailer of equestrian related products to the farrier industry and individual horse owners.   It has been a family owned and operated business for over 25 years and has grown to become one of western Canada's best source of horse supplies.  A well established business with consistent revenues and profitability that has been serving the industry since 1972.  It has both supply and distribution systems in place and is an excellent revenue generating business.

Retail customers are responsible for 60% of sales and wholesalers for 40%.  Approximately 85% of business comes from BC and 10% from Alberta, they also ship worldwide and also sell into some of the western US states. The main product lines are: (1) horseshoes (2) horseshoe  nails (3) feed supplements (4) hoof care products and (5) tools (such as anvils).  The company owners also own the property and would offer the buyer of the business a lease or would sell the property to them.

Furniture Delivery and Moving business.  Priced at $195,000 - UNDER OFFER

Annual Revenues: $412,000. Owner's income: $90,000

Furniture delivery and moving business that has been operating since 2003.  It has a good reputation and holds an A+ rating from BBB (which takes a long period of good performance to achieve).  The company carries out work all over the Greater Vancouver area. In 2016 - 65% of revenues came from ongoing delivery contracts and the balance of 35% from individual home owners who are moving their residences.  The company has developed long term relationships and contracts with (with furniture stores, interior decorators, upholstery stores, auction houses and staging companies) that provide a steady revenue stream.  These contracts ensure consistent future revenue for the new owner. 

The business currently has five trucks and an SUV in their fleet and has a loyal and responsible team of employees that is self-sufficient and can manage small to large scale projects.  

Gluten Free Bakery.  Priced at $250,000

Annual revenue: $440,000. Owner's income: $100,000

Gluten free retail bakery (with some wholesale accounts). Revenues are split 65% retail 35% wholesale. The company provides a large selection of baked goods to retail customers (daily staples like bread, cookies, desserts, flour mixes for home baking and other grocery style items). In addition to the retail business the company has a large wholesale department which supplies some of the major local and national grocery chains. Attached to the bakery there is also a coffee shop which serves standard coffee shop food but gluten free.

The bakery/coffee shop has been in its current location for many years and is located in an area that has lots of foot traffic by the beach. 

Retail bike store.  Priced at $257,000 (plus inventory)

Annual revenue: $2.1 Million. Owner's income: $212,000.

An established retail bicycle store specializing in the sale of bicycles, parts and accessories, bike rentals and repair services. The business was founded in 1991 by the current owner and is very well known in the community and in the Greater Vancouver area for offering a wide diversity of products and for the expertise of its staff. The business sells the most popular bike styles and avoids the higher end products. By offering a large selection of the popular models of bikes customers can find what they need for either city cycling and for bike touring.  A turnkey operation in a large square footage property that has undergone recent renovations, has a competitive lease, a well-organised office, and an effective website.  The company has assembled a loyal and responsible team of employees that is self-sufficient.

This is an opportunity to build on a profitable business that allows a new owner to benefit from an established customer base. It would be suitable for an owner operator.

Landscape maintenance, construction and design company - Priced at $405,000- UNDER OFFER

Annual revenue: $733,000.  Owner's income: $228,000

Landscape maintenance, construction and design company that specializes in a wide variety of landscaping needs, from maintenance to developing and constructing new landscape projects.  Over the last 10 years the company has developed long term relationships and contracts with property management companies and individual home owners that provide a steady revenue stream.  They carry out work throughout the GVRD on residential as well as large scale commercial and strata properties.  Unlike other landscaping companies this business provides a wide-range of services (such as sodding, seeding, aerating and snow and ice removal) and sub-contracts out other services (like hard landscaping, fence and deck construction and large tree removal) which means they are able to win business due to consumers preferring to negotiate a single contract to handle all their needs. 


UNDER OFFER means that there is an accepted Offer in on the business and the buyer is doing his or her due diligence. It may not conclude, so back-up Offers are still looked at and reviewed.